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An Individual, a School, a College, a NGO, an Academy, Sports Club, Music Institutes, Dance Institutes, Yoga Training Centres and etc., can participate in Talent Hunt.

World Records in Talent Hunt Can be created in the following fields:

Drawing, Painting, Craft, Music, Dance, Yoga, Rubik Cubes, Abacus, Mental Arithmetic, Karate, Taekwondo, Silambam, Sports, Table Tennis, Vocal, Basket Ball, Skating, Archery, Chess, Carrom, Swimming, Hula Hoop, Magic, Collections, Miniatures, Chalk Carving, Mosaics, Marathon, Tree Plantation, Seed Ball Making and many more.

The Non Refundable Registration Fee of Rs.10000.00 will be charged for every record done by a team or an Individual or an Institution.

No. The Registration Fee once paid will not be refunded.

No. Even if you pay the registration fee the approval of the record is based on the perfect execution of the record attempt and perfect documentation of the evidences. The Approval of the record attempt is at the discrete powers of the World Record Approving Body. There are standards set for each category and every applicant is expected to meet the standards to set the records.

On the Successful Accomplishment of the World Record attempt in Talent Hunt every applicant will get the opportunity to receive the World Record certification from the following world record authority:
  • Elite World Records
  • Asian Records Academy
  • India Records Academy
  • Tamilan Book of Records

The Certificate Pack from Every World Record Authority will contain the following items:
Shield, Certificates, Medals, Pin, Badge, Identity Cards, Magazine of World Records, and many more as applicable.

Yes, all the participants of every team record can get a personalised world record certificate with International Standards at a nominal cost. The Cost of the Personalised world record certificates of different world record authorities are as follows:
Elite World Records: 10 US$
Asian Records Academy: 10 SG$
India Records Academy: Rs.500.00
Tamilan Book of Records: Rs.300.00

Every participant can be entitled to get the certificate pack along with the medals and etc., as applicable. Special Discounts can be availed for orders exceeding 250 participants.
The Term Adjudication means inviting the Officials of the World Record Authority for on the spot certification during your record attempt. We will ensure that an Official Adjudicator is available on the spot to verify and certify the Record Attempt. You may avail this Official Adjudicator Service that includes the availability of a trained and experienced Adjudicator who will verify the record immediately at the event site itself.
There are several major benefits in having an Adjudicator who will verify the record attempt on the spot, immediately after the attempt is made. The results will be announced on the spot itself. You will get a chance to improve your profile where your achievements will get noticed and you will receive an Official Authentication by the Official Authenticator present throughout the event.
You get great exposure and fantastic publicity as the Official Adjudicator will pass on the information to the representatives of the leading Newspapers and Television channels, who will be present there. The adjudication service ensures that you get maximum publicity and the best coverage.
Yes, Adjudication Service involves additional cost apart from the Registration Fee. The Adjudication Cost differs from each world record authority which is as stated below:
Elite World Records : 2500 US$
Asian Records Academy : 2000 SG$
India Records Academy : Rs.50,000.00
Tamilan Book of Records : Rs.25,000.00

This cost includes their Flight Expenses, Transportation, Hotel Accommodation, Food and Refreshments and etc., The Applicant should take care of the local transportation and the Applicant can choose the authority of their choice as applicable.
After the Successful accomplishment of the record attempt the applicants are expected to send all the evidences as mentioned in the guidelines pack to the administrative office. Upon the receipt of the same the evidences will be reviewed by the world record authorities and results will be announced with 10 working days from the date of the receipt of full and complete evidences.
A Meritorious Certificate Pack from the World Record Authorities will be sent immediately to the world record applicant upon the approval of the attempt as applicable. Later in February 2020, a Grand Citation Ceremony will be arranged and all the successful world record holders will be invited for the ceremony along with one of your inmates.
A Special recognition and awards will be adorned to the record holders during the occasion by the International and National Delegates. The Entry for the Citation Ceremony is absolutely free.
It normally takes us about 5 Working Days to get back to you. It might also take a quite longer time, depending upon the number of enquiries received.ILL
No, the organizers will not pay any amount for a successful record breaking event. Moreover, we will not bear any of the expenses incurred for breaking a record. If any equipment is required for the event, the participant will have to arrange for it at his/her own cost. Please note that we are merely a facilitator or an arbitrator judging the event without any partiality. Our interest lies in encouraging the participants to take part in such events, however the financial aspects of the event are to be managed by the participant and we will not hold any responsibility in this respect.
The Administrative Office of the Talent Hunt is Located at the Following Address:
The President, Talent Hunt,
77A, Balaji Avenue, Near Chetty Street,
Coimbatore – 641001.
Tamil Nadu, India.
Mobile: 85 25 999 111, 85 25 999 444
Email: talenthuntindia19@gmail.com
All Legal issues are subject to Coimbatore Jurisdiction, Tamil Nadu, India.