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Benefits to the Institution by Creating a World Record in Talent Hunt:
  • The Institution will get a worldwide recognition/certification.
  • The Institution will get a wide coverage in the Local, National and International Media.
  • The Institution will be visited by the Officials of World Record Team for On The Spot Certification (Cost Applicable).
  • The Institution will be permitted / licensed to use the World Record Logo Permanently.
  • This World Record Activity will be an Iconic and Everlasting History of the School.
  • The World Record Activity will bring a wide branding and enriched goodwill among the parents and public.
  • The Brand Image of the Institution will be enriched.
  • The World Record Logo can be utilized in any manner as applicable by the Institution for its image building.
  • The World Record activity will directly reflect in the intake/increase of the admission in the forth coming academic year.